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Hello to everybody!!

JPAM Bookkeeping was founded by Jairo Payá in 2016. After working as a Bookkeeper and Finance Manager in a bookkeeping company in the City of London, one thing was clear; the majority of small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper onto their team. However, the owner of a small business needs up to date information in order to make important decisions for the business. Without up to date information, the wrong decisions can often be made.

That was why JPAM Bookkeeping was born; an online bookkeeping company specialized in Xero (a cloud based software), providing bookkeeping services to clients across the UK, Spain and rest of the world. No need to post your receipts, just take a picture of each receipt on your phone and upload them to the cloud. Sit back and relax, let JPAM Bookkeeping do the rest and connect your business to the bookkeeping cloud, from anywhere, at any time.

So, have a look around our website. We are waiting for new lovely clients!!

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